Sunday, April 28, 2013

American DemoPublicanism

American DemoPublicanism is an alternating political duopoly of one-party rule with a nanny police statist domestic policy and a predatory special interests-driven world police chief foreign policy.

 In 2010, the United States ranked #15 in the category of "democracy" conducted by the political scientific analysis of the Austrian-based Democracy Ranking Association. The U.S. does not have a higher score because Democrat and Republican lawmakers make it difficult for alternative political parties and non-partisan candidates to achieve and maintain ballot status along with collaboration from the DemoPublican-dominated news media and organizations such as the League of Women Voters, which censors non-DemoPublican candidates and parties for the most part.

The archaic Electoral College system prevents U.S. presidential and vice presidential candidates from being elected by popular vote. On the other hand, states that permit ballot initiatives can deny harmless minorities equal rights under the law by the tyranny of popular majority vote.

 The United States has 756 people in jail per 100,000 people. No other country has more than 700, and only two are over 600--Russia (629) and Rwanda (604). Of the 2.3 million people in American jails, 806,000 are black males. African-Americans of both genders make up .6 percent of the entire world's population, but African-American males alone make up 8 percent of the entire world's prison population. If every black male in U.S. prisons was released today, the U.S. prison population would stand at 1.5 million, leaving still, the second largest prison population in the world. Only China, a country with four times as many people, would have more (and barely: 1.57 million). Russia would be a distant third with 890,000.

All of this says something about domestic DemoPublican laws and policies--especially their victimless crime laws. Over half of the U.S. prison population is made up of those convicted of "offenses" without victims, such as the manufacture, distribution, sale, and/or possession of prohibited drugs.

 Under DemoPublican authoritarianism, U.S. citizens are not sovereign individuals, but wards of the state as per the following examples:

 - U.S. citizens cannot legally travel to Cuba and North Korea without permission from the DemoPublican-run State Department first.

 - U.S. citizens who live full time abroad and who earn income abroad, even if they are also a citizen of the other country where they earn that income, must report that income to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and pay a tax on the income if required.

 - The DemoPublican regime makes it difficult for U.S. citizens to renounce their citizenship.

 - Male U.S. citizens are required by DemoPublican law to register with the Selective Service at age 18. Male Permanent Resident Aliens between the ages of 18 and 26 are also required to register. Although U.S. military conscription has been inactive since 1973, the system is nevertheless a form of governmental involuntary servitude.

 - U.S. citizens are subject by DemoPublican law to serve temporarily and periodically as jurors or standby jurors if called and are paid substandard wages for it. Aside from the jury system of justice being inferior to trials heard by three judge panels, "jury duty", like military conscription, is another form of involuntary governmental servitude and a violation of civil and human rights.

 - DemoPublican federal law says that it is illegal for U.S. citizens age 18 and older to have sexual relations with anyone under the age of 18 abroad, even if the legal age of sexual consent in any given country is lower than 18, and even though the legal age of sexual consent in the majority of U.S. states is 16, and in a few, even lower. The vast majority of registered sex offenders in the U.S. are not persons who have been convicted of forceable rape or for soliciting or engaging in "lewd" acts with a pre-pubescent child. Most of those on the sex offender roles are adults who had consensual sexual relations with a pubescent adolescent under the legal age of sexual consent of the state where the act occured. (This is clinically referred to as "pederasty", which is not to be confused and overlapped with "pedophilia", which involves sex with pre-pubescent children). Others condemned to life as a registered sex offender include non-adult teens convicted of "sexting" nude images of themselves to their peers over the Internet, although fortunately a few U.S. states no longer require teens convicted of that activity to register as sex offenders. Unlike convicted sex offenders, individiuals who have been convicted of a homicide who do not serve a life sentence or who are on death row can, if they so choose, reside close to an elementary, middle, or high school, even if they are not convicted rapists or child molesters.

 - Federally-recognized American Indian reservations and their enrolled residents have less sovereignty than other U.S. citizens. DemoPublican law prohibits reservations the option of gaining complete independence from United States jurisdiction. Instead, tribal governments are only allowed a certain amount of autonomy, and on the other hand are subject to many federal laws that non-reservation citizens are not subjected to. DemoPublicanism thus exercises a racist colonial master American Indian policy.

The DemoPublican-dominated federal government has a long history of not honoring and breaking treaties with Indian tribes, just as it did not until 2012 honor all of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by prohibiting commercial trucks from Mexico from delivering cargo beyond 25 miles from the border. NAFTA stipulates that commerical trucks from the United States, Mexico, and Canada can deliver cargo to the interior of those three nations. However, aggressive lobbying and pressure from mob-run U.S. trucking unions, which line the coffers of DemoPublican election campaigns, bought enough DemoPublican legislators off in not enforcing that portion of the NAFTA agreement for the longest time. Mexican-hating nativist nationalists also lobbied against Mexican trucks shipping cargo beyond the border.


The level and severity of DemoPublican governmental corruption is not much less than that of many "third world" countries. DemoPublican corruption just tends to be more discreet and sophisticated. The domestic and foreign policy agendas of the Republican and Democratic parties are intrusive, oppressive, hypocritical and corrupt. Yet the majority of American voters maintain them in office due to the narrow-minded "lesser-of-two evils" voter mentality coupled with corrupt specialist interest lobbying and votes.

 Those U.S. citizens who criticize DemoPublican-legislated laws and policies are acused by DemoPublican propagandists of being "unpatriotic" or "un-American".

Foreigners critical of DemoPublicanism are branded by DemoPublicans as being "anti-American".

Many DemoPublicans hold the attitude that they have replaced the Jews as "God's chosen people".

 The United States is a great nation in the way of private scientific, medical, and technological achievements and advancement, including its motion picture entertainment industry. But its political, legal, judicial, and social system is less than to be desired under DemoPublican rule and tyranny.

 DemoPublicanism is not just a political system--it is a coercive and oppressive social order, regime, and cultish psychology that needs to be overthrown at the ballot box and by way of a constitutional amendment to include proportional representation for non-major political parties.

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